Welcome to "MM Luxury Cars", we are happy to see you here!


Concept of MM Luxury Cars. 

The concept of MM Luxury Cars is to sell high-end sport vehicles, which matches the buyers demands. Under the page "High-end cars in stock" you are able to see which cars we currently have in stock. Our cars is very top class speciel, and thats why we only have one of each car. Because of many requests, it can difficult to buy vehicles from MM Luxury Cars, thats why we have devoloped a service, where you can be called up, every time a new car, or a car you are interrested in, hits the stock. We have in total 15 mechanics working for us, and each of them have a certain speciality, thats why we are the greatest and most serviceminded car dealer ship ever invented. You can design the car of your dreams, with our top proffesionel and award winning engineers and mechanics. We currenty have 3 sellers, and 10 assistents. 
We are partners with Securoserv, so there is absolutely top quality safety when buying from us. Give us a call at +34 5636 3463 to set up a meeting. We are primarely located in Hollywood, California, but we are shipping cars all over the world. 


Location of MM Luxury Cars.

MM Luxury Cars is based in Los Angeles, California. We have offices at Maze Bank West which is located in 401 Wilshire Boulevard, in Del Perro, California.
Our huge warehouse is based in El Burro Heights / La Mesa. The Exact adress is not given out here, for security reasons.

Opening hours for Office:
Monday - Friday: 10.30-15.00
Saturday - Sunday: 11.30 - 14.30

(Be aware that it certainly isn't recomended to show up unanounced at our Warehouse, because security will treat you like a threath, and it is there for, gambling with your life)


Owner of MM Luxury Cars.

The owner of MM Luxury Cars is Mathias Madsen. Mathias is from Denmark, and is 27 years old. He have done bussisnes in The United States in over 5 years. After serving in the army as an elite soldier, and fighting in Irak for 5 years, he moved to the USA. He started making money out of an Import/Export for different kinds of crates. But he's dream was always to sell high-end cars. Not long ago Mathias followed his dream, and bought a huge Vehicle warehouse in the center of Hollywood. 

Yours Sincerely
Mathias Madsen (CEO)